Bachelor Party Video Games

Do you have a big bachelor party coming up? For most dudes, this is their last chance to get wild and have some fun outside of a relationship before they settle down with the women they love. For the nerds, this can mean getting some buds together, buying some beer, and settling back with some video games. The question is, what video games should you get for your bachelor party?


One of the freshest games out there that would be perfect for your bachelor party is GTA V. This game has every man's virtual fantasy, from strippers to topless barmaids. You can hop in a cool sportscar and speed down the freeway clocking over 100 miles per hour, or grab your ak 47 and shoot the place up. The best part about GTA V is that multiplayer is an option, so your bachelor party friends can hop in the action and have some fun as well.


BMX XXX is a bit older than GTA V as it was released back in 2002, but maybe that's more your style. This is a sports action game that has topless girls everywhere. There are topless waitresses, topless barmaids, and even some of the girls on bikes aren't afraid to take their clothes off. Just be sure you don't play the version that was created for the PlayStation 2, as this one is censored.

PlayBoy Mansion

Have you ever dreamed about visiting the PlayBoy mansion yourself? While this dream may be far off, especially since you're about to get married, there is always an alternative option -- the video game! PlayBoy Mansion is designed to let you live the experience of visiting the mansion itself. You'll get to live every fantasy, from topless waitresses to erotic strippers dancing on every pole in the building. Your character can take photos with the women, dance with them, and even have sex if you're feeling exceptionally frisky. You won't have to worry about any sudden black screens, cover ups, or blurry images in this game. Full on nudity and raunchiness is available around every corner!

God of War

God of War is a top selling game that is all about Greek mythology, and dates back years in the past where swords and bows were the weapons of choice. Not only can you and your fellow bachelor party guests have fun slaying Gods and playing one of the most badass main characters ever designed, but this game is filled with sex scenes and naked women. In fact, there is even an area of the game where you can visit a whore house and play a small minigame to have sex with some of the women there. It's an orgy scene where continuous women come to join the action. Unfortunately, this scene doesn't actually let you see your character in action, but you can definitely hear what is going on as you play along!


Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for some video games that you can play at your bachelor's party. These games come packed with nudity, sex, and violence to keep you entertained. Let loose a little bit before your big day, and enjoy your party! I But if you want to experience the strippers in real life, you can check out and get in touch with Cover Girl Strippers, the professional adult entertainment.

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Bachelor Party Video Games
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Do you have a big bachelor party coming up? For most dudes, this is their last chance to get wild and have some fun outside of a relationship before they settle down with the women they love.

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