Hollywood Wear Games – Dress Your Favorite Celebrity

You can be as fashionable as your favorite stars with Hollywood wear games. These Hollywood wear games online not only let you know about latest trends in fashion it also allow you to dress up Hollywood celebrities in attire of your choice.

You can be a fashion designer that every Hollywood celebrity would demand for. No doubt, these stars have their own fashion designers to dress themselves gorgeously and make them look different from others. However, fashion can sometimes be redundant and what these stars need is new and fresh ideas from new fashion stylists like you that will suit their personality and tastes.

Hollywood celebrity wear games such as based on pop star Rihanna are very famous. You can play this game and dress up Rihanna in a way which matches her beauty and exquisite voice. In this game, you can experiment with her hair color by trying different colors such as blonde, black, brunette, gold and even red! Along with this you can choose stylish cut that would fit the shape of her face and highlight the streaks. Try different accessories like necklace and you can even pierce part of her face to have the earrings attached. Make her look cool with military tops and matching make up that will rock the music world.

You can find popular Hollywood wear games online based on the Canadian singers also. One such Hollywood dress up games involves dressing up Avril Lavigne with celebrity dress up games. Choose the best dress and cool make up for Avril to make her ready for her live concert.

You not only play Hollywood wear games girl celebrities only. There is lot of Hollywood celebrity wear games based on the hunk Brad Pitt. Dress up and give a dashing makeover to famous Hollywood star Brad Pitt. Pick out funky jewelry for Brad and a cool hair color. Remember that Brad is quite fashion and you live up to his expectations.

Other famous Wear games for Hollywood are on Paris Hilton who is always looking for make up retouch to get ready for the party. Dress her up in a seducing black elegant silk dress that adds up to her sophistication and glamour. Give her a lip color which highlights the luscious curve of her lips. Paris Hilton is a very hot star so give her a bold look and follow the very latest trends of the fashion world straight from the designer houses of Paris.

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